The Big News.

If you have been following this blog, a couple posts ago I mentioned there were some exciting things happening here at Wind and Willow Home.  So...I am moving forward with my dream of starting a brick and mortar showroom. 
After a lot of interviewing for jobs in the Kitchen and Bathroom/Remodeling industry (where I had been working for over 10 years and really enjoying the work) and finding out that a viable starting salary for someone who has to support two children in daycare and of course pay some bills, is virtually impossible (after the housing industry crash) I have decided to follow a dream and start my own showroom.  Well, that is, I will be putting my full efforts into doing so.  I have started the business plan and will be spending the next 2 months concentrating on collecting all of the information and funding necessary to ensure that I have a complete business plan that will ensure a unique and successful brick and mortar showroom.

As you know, my blog posts have focused on hand made products, design and inspiration with a nature inspired theme.  This will not change although there will be more purpose to each post as I will be highlighting products that I plan to carry in the showroom. I will also highlight design ideas and inspiration directly related to the showroom design and displays along with other shops and ideas that inspire me in this process.  I will also be detailing the business plan writing process and be asking for help and opinions along the way.   I will be looking to you my loyal readers, friends and family to help shape the showroom by giving your input via opinion poles and sharing comments.

I had struggled with the decision to open up this process to the virtual world because I typically am a very self sufficient and private person.  The fear of being exposed and potentially failing is a strong case to keep this a secret, along with potential negative opinions and the worries that someone with more experience and resources could come along and take my ideas, and make this happen much faster than I.  But, on the other hand the potential for support and advice in a process that I am utterly new to outweighed the negatives.  So here I go! On a journey to make my dreams come true.  Please follow me through my successes and failures.  Please support and encourage me.  And as always, feel free to share this blog with your friends, family and anyone and everyone you know because the more people that see this the more support and advice I will benefit from and the more likely this dream will become a reality. 

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  1. Good for you, Araya!!! I can't wait to come to the store!!!

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