How exercise has motivated me to start a business

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This is definitely not a health or exercise blog by any means but exercise has played a large part in my decision to start a business.  It may sound a little weird because the two aren't directly related but I have found that the motivation is similar.
  After gaining about 40 lbs during my 2nd pregnancy and adding that to the 10 lbs I had gained over the previous year due to stress and a repetitive knee issues the weight didn't come off as easily as I had hoped. This left me disappointed and frustrated.  I was unable to fit into many of my favorite clothes and I wasn't in a position to purchase a new wardrobe.  Besides that, I also had knee surgery in January at which time they removed a good amount of metal that had been in my knee for 14 years.  The doctors warned me that after the removal of this metal  there would be a greater chance of break or fracture and suggested that I leave it (the metal) in and just get used to the daily pain. They also mentioned that is very difficult to regain muscle so if I chose the option to have it removed it was recommended to me that I should only do moderate activity from then on.  Well, I opted for the surgery and wasn't going to live the rest of my life in fear of a fracture.  So I decided to prove them wrong.
Therefore, I decided to start getting back into shape as soon as I was cleared by the Doctors.  Ten weeks after the surgery I started going to the Eden Prairie Community Center and taking some exercise classes. I tried out a Body Pump class.  The first day was hard and maybe that is an understatement.  I am talking doing squats for what seemed like days, a plank ab routine that was endless and over head presses that made my upper lip curl.   My muscles were shaking as to say  "No we aren't doing this ever again."  After that class I could barley walk down the steps and the walk to my car seemed like miles.  For the next FOUR days I was in pain.  But I went back.  Instead of getting overwhelmed by an hour of  intense exercise, or choosing an easier class, I learned to take one movement at a time keeping my eye on the prize. This was a tremendous break through.  After a couple weeks I started seeing results which only motivated me to test myself more, lift more weight, push harder.  After 2 months I was fitting into my before pregnancy jeans and feeling more confident.  Three months into it I was able to see the growth of muscle in my knee and am able to run after my children for the first time in 2 years.
Needless to say, the parallels between my experience with exercise and taking the plunge and starting this new business venture may be obvious but after getting very frustrated about the current job market and feeling like I may have to give up my passion for design I am reminded to keep my eye on the prize.   When I am feeling like things are impossible, when I feel like my goal is too far off  I have recently learned to take things one day at a time, and that one movement at a time is necessary.  When the odds are against you and the choice is to give up or get up... well you know the rest.

What motivates you?  Leave your comments below.


  1. As silly as it sounds, my motivation comes from the smiles in others. I love to make someone happy, to be a ray of light in their day. Who knows, they may be having the worst day of their life and a simple gesture from me, or the people around them, may make a world of difference to them:)

  2. Smiles have brightened my day on more than one occasion. Smiles are GREAT motivation.