This weekend in Pictures: Winter Fun

In spite of a nasty flu bug that went through my entire family (which is the reason this post is late) we sure had a splendid weekend in Northern Minnesota.  This time our trusty van took us up north to the "Iron Range" to spend some time outdoors with my family and do a little exploring along the way.  Snowmobiles in every size, sleds and ice fishing were the highlights of this weekend.  Here are a few shots I took.

My fam. at the Forest History Center

Birch tree at the Forest History Center

Fun with SLEDS

Even the dogs had fun.

All photos by Araya Jensen

I also wanted to post a quick photo comparison for those of you who have been wondering if you should take the plunge into the world of digital SLR (single lens reflex) manual photo shooting. 

The following photos are direct from my camera, no photo editing. Same photo shot different camera settings. 

This photo was shot at 1/1600 shutter speed, F5.6 aperture, Iso200

This photo was shot with 1/60 shutter speed, F5.6 aperture, Iso200

As you can see, all I did was let more light into the camera (in the second photo) hence the longer shutter speed. It just goes to show that you truly have control of your photos whether you like a true color photo or something a little more whimsical and artistic, even without Photoshop.  If you are on the fence, go for it! Dive in and take the photos that you have always been dreaming of.

How was your weekend?  Ready for Spring yet?

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