Countdown to Spring: Pixel Patterns

Continuing with some of the most popular patterns for the Spring, how about those Pixel patterns.  For sure on the top of my list.  This is a really modern take on just about anything, from fine art to floral patterns.  To get this look all you have to do is essentially zoom in on a photo until it is large enough to see the square pixels it is made up of.  Have you seen the ixxi system and their stunning pattern ideas (see below).

Images via

I have seen this pixel theme everywhere from houses, to housewares.  I am in the midst of trying this with 1" x 1" pieces of paint swatches for my son's room... wish me luck.

Image via Cristian Zuzunaga

Image via Don't Panic

Image via King Creative

 Cool, don't you think?  For more on this pattern check Here.

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