Make it yourself Monday - Outdoor Ice Candles

These beautiful luminaries are so easy and virtually Free.  All you need is a cold Minnesota winter, water, candles from around the house and a plastic container.

Step 1.  Fill a plastic container with water, within an inch of the top.  (ice cream pails work great).
Step 2. Place the pail outside (or in a freezer) on top of a blanket, rug or towel (to insulate the bottom) when the temperature is below freezing, 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
Step 3.  Once most of the outside edges of the water are frozen (but the inside is still water) move inside to a  warmer temperature so the edges can loosen from the plastic container a bit.
Step 4.  Once the ice is loose from the container flip it over and dump out the water that was on the inside.  This will leave a nice open space to place a wax candle.
Step 5.  Remove the ice from the plastic container, place outside.

Place a wax candle on the inside and there you have it!

These candles are perfect for lighting a walkway or adding sparkle to your front porch.  Make a grouping of multiple sizes for a glowing statement.

*Add food coloring, leaves and branches or fresh berries for a festive touch!*

Did you try it?  If you have any tips for this project share them in the comments section below.

Share what you made! Send your pictures to me:  email me at I want it! Projects and I will feature your project.

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  1. These are so neat, but I don't get a winter to make them in. I guess I'll just come and see what you're doing with them.