A Week of Celebration

Hello and good morning! It's Monday, but not just any old Monday...it's the beginning of our week long 1st Birthday celebration.  Can you believe it?! ONE YEAR has passed since Wind & Willow Home officially went live on Feb. 15th 2012 and what a year it has been.
This week I am going to celebrate with some of my favorite friends who have been incredibly supportive and generous this year and who are the reason for our great success.  And that includes YOU!

I will be giving away prizes all week long (Tuesday, Thursday and one Grand Prize on Friday). Daily winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter and the Grand Prize winner will be announced Monday (Feb. 18th) via this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the details:
Of course you want to win your favorite items so each day (Tuesday and Thursday)  I will randomly select a winner from all entries the previous days. What's the prize? You decide.  The winner will get the item they covet the most from our Wind & Willow Home collection!
1. Find your favorite product from the Wind & Willow Home website and Pin It via Pinterest then  copy a link to your pin in the comments section of this blog. You can enter one item/each day Monday Feb. 11th- Friday Feb.15th.
2. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and sign up for our Newsletter.  Let us know via the comments section of this blog where you are following and this will give you a second chance to win the item you pinned.
3. Each time you enter you will be included in a drawing to win the Grand Prize (to be announced on this blog Friday Feb. 15th). The winner of the grand prize will be randomly selected and announced on this blog on Monday February 18th, 2013


  1. Large Sparkle Walnut Bowl (:
    and I'm following on Pinterest and FB.
    p.s. Happy Birthday!!

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  3. Yay! Happy Birthday!
    I just ordered some items through Etsy and The Foundry but there's always more to want! I love it all!
    Ice and Grey Crossed 7" Wood Bowl
    I follow on Pinterest and Instagram (does that count?!). I'd follow on the others but I'm not on Facebook or Twitter (I can check through my husband's account though).

    1. Congrats Jess!! Your pick is beautiful (:

    2. Thanks! Good luck to you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the next drawing!

    3. Thank you (: it must've worked!! I'm so excited!!

  4. Happy birthday! We need a cute set of bowls for our new hometown match our bright chartreuse kitchen walls, andi loved hese! Pinterest.com/pin/198510296047397769

  5. I'm also a wind & willow fan on Facebook! :)

  6. I only just found your blog through your link on facebook. Anyway, congrats! That is lovely news:) And thanks for celebrating in this way!

    Here's my favorite:

  7. I follow you on everything you mentioned. But I'm a bit confused as to whether that counts as one entry all together or one entry each. I'm just listing this as one, but please let me know if I need to leave more comments, ok? :)

  8. Large Sparkle Walnut Bowl is still my fave because of the glitter (:
    I liked Jess' choice a lot too (the colors are so pretty!!) so I added it too: http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906092472/
    and I'm following on Pinterest and FB and Twitter too now!!
    p.s. Happy Birthday again!!

  9. A new day, a new pin:)

  10. Didn't know if the item had to be from your Dipped collection, but love this quilt and so I pinned! And all signed up :) http://pinterest.com/pin/174162710561930616/ Audrey - This Little Street

  11. Still my fave (: here's my Wednesday pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906085913/

  12. This one would look great in my new kitchen. Pinned here: http://pinterest.com/pin/25332816626122676/

  13. I'm pinning this one for today (so pretty!! : ) : http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906100279/ . Happy Valentine's all!! (:

  14. I can't believe I overlooked this one the first couple of days:http://pinterest.com/pin/25332816626128798/
    It's so beautiful!

  15. Hi Everyone, I have extended the contest through the weekend! Keep pinning, good luck!

  16. After your latest blog post I want to pin sparkly stuff all day!! so... : http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906104884/ I've added more sparkles on pinterest (: and I think your surprise prize is so pretty I had to add it too: http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906104956/ . <3 it!! Also I'm on your newsletter list too (:

  17. Today's pin is the beautiful black and sparkle crossed bowl: http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906108597/ . And I know this one's on etsy, not wind and willow home, but I think the look of the bright pink and glitter is wonderful (: http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906108637/

  18. So many choices! Here are my current faves, pinned on Pinterest:
    http://pinterest.com/pin/232428030740999369/ and http://pinterest.com/pin/232428030740999311/
    I follow you on FB and Pinterest.
    Happy Year #1 - here's to many more!

  19. I love it all!! But here are some of my favorites:
    Black Sparkle Candle Cups
    The Rain Print
    Black & Sparkle Crossed Bowl
    I'm also following on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

  20. I thought the pinning ended yesterday, but guess not! Just in case: http://pinterest.com/pin/25332816626141901/
    Another adorable item I overlooked before:)

  21. last pin ): I saved a goodie for last though: http://pinterest.com/pin/390546598906112973/ the light and bright neon spoons!! : ) Thank you for the week long party Araya - it's been such fun!! Happy Birthday Wind & Willow!!

  22. Last one! Thisbasket is gorgeous and also reminds me of my brother, who is in Senegal for the Peace Corps!
    I also love the arrows :)
    Happy Birthday! I'm so happy I found our site!