Make it yourself Monday: Newspaper comics wreath tutorial

Today I wanted to do a tutorial for this fun and virtually free wreath I made from items I had around the house.  It was inspired by a beautiful doily wreathe at The Red Thread.  I originally had the idea to make it as a welcome home gift for a friend's baby boy.  It turned out so stinkin' cute I had to make one for myself.

I started by collecting all the items I would need for this project.
1.  Cardboard box
2.  Some type of straight edge
3.  Marker or pencil
4.  Cutting utensil
5.  Stapler (with staples of course)
6.  Sunday Comics section from the newspaper (about 4 weeks worth)
7.  3 1/2" diameter square for template (I used a 16oz glass)
For Decoration:
1.  Ribbon
2.  Twig from tree (wooden dowel would work too)

Making the frame:  First I drew a square on one side of a cardboard box about 13" wide by 18" high with my straight edge.  Next, I drew a smaller square about 9" wide by 14" high inside of the larger square.  I cut both squares out, leaving about a 2.5" frame.  

Cutting the newspaper circles:  First I collected the Comics section from my local Sunday paper (about 4 weeks worth).  Then I used the rim of a 16oz glass to trace a circle onto the newspaper.  I finally cut out the circles.  

Making the wreath:  I started by folding each circle in half and then puckering it up creating a flower like shape (see photo above).  I then started at the top corner of the cardboard frame and stapled the bottom point of the newspaper to the frame.  Next, I continued to apply the newspaper circles going around the frame and overlapping the bottom stapled portion to hide the staples.

Final touches:  I finished this wreath off with some red and white striped ribbon that I had laying around.  I couldn't find anything around the house to use as a hanger so I decided to take a look around the yard.  I found this perfect twig on the ground and tied two pieces of the ribbon to that for an organic look.  Simple, unique and virtually FREE.

Did you try it?  If you have any tips for this project share them in the comments section below.

Share what you made! Send your pictures to me:  email me at Wind and Willow Home Projects and I will feature your project.

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