Make it yourslf Monday: Personalized toddler bed

Every night when I tucked by 3 1/2 year old into her bed I felt that there was something missing.  Her bed (from Ikea) was just too stark and white/gray.   The rest of her room has lots of color but when it came to her bed, the design just fell flat.  I had never planned on painting the bed which is usually my go to idea for a cost effective transformation.   Since she will not be in her toddler bed for much longer,  I wanted something that wasn't permanent but added a lot of personality.  Finally one day the light bulb went on, Ribbon!  Simple, not permanent, and we were able to add lots of personality for a relatively low cost.

Here is what I did:  I simply selected various sizes, colors and patterns of ribbon that I felt expressed my daughters personality and coordinated with her existing room decor.  Next I cut the ribbon to a size that I felt, when tied, would hand down enough to look great but short enough that they wouldn't get in her way when sleeping or playing (of course I also made sure they were short enough so they could not harm her).
Finally, I tied them to the bed in a slip knot and put a small piece of glue under the knot so they wouldn't fall off.

*Always keep in mind that the project should be safe enough for your child's age and maturity level

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