Global Craft Party 2011 was a success at Etsy Labs.

Had the pleasure visiting New York City last week for the first time and a highlight was attending the Global Craft Party 2011 at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn.  We took the blue line to the High St stop in Brooklyn and made the short walk to Etsy.  We followed the signs and headed up the elevator.  As we entered the space, we were a bit overwhelmed as we were 'fashionably late' and the scene was packed wall to wall with fellow crafters, eating, drinking and doing what we do best, being creative.  The atmosphere, adorned with a plethora of crafting stations, supplies, decorations and a live jazz band, was jovial to say the least.  Once we had a chance to scan the space we joined in on the festivities.  We got photos in the photo booth, made buttons and mingled with the crowd.  
Going into the night I had expected to do some crafting and maybe network with some artists hoping to gain new shops to feature here on this blog.  I expected conversations such as "what do you do?", "do you have an Etsy shop?", and what do you sell?"  but the packed space and the volume of the festivities made that a little difficult, which was ok!  The highlight of the night for myself and my husband (who was such a great sport to join me for this event) was chancing a meeting with another couple, Audry and Denis.  I chatted with Audry and Jordan (my husband) talked to Denis in the line for the photo booth (it was quite popular).  Audry and I had a bit in common...including the fact that our husbands were wonderful enough to join us as we mingled with others who enjoy crafting as much as we do but also our backgrounds in design and the love for handmade pieces and the inspirations behind them.  Our husbands also shared interests in crafts...craft brewing that is (a different blog for a different day).  As the lights flashed to signal the party ending, the four of us continued our conversations at a couple watering holes in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn.  They were nice enough to show us Brooklyn Bridge park and pointed us to the start of the bridge so we could walk it back to Manhattan.  We appreciated their hospitality and we expect to stay in touch and hopefully meet up again in the future.
All in all, this party was everything and more than I had expected.  It is these kinds of meet-ups that makes the crafting/handmade/art communities so special. 

Entry to Esty Labs

Fellow Etsians packed the space

True crafters work here

A little of this

A little of that

crafting in progress

button station

Our photo booth pics being turned into buttons.


  1. This looks like it was tons of fun, we had an outdoor craft party on Planet Joy in Ashland, Oregon. The weather was sunny and warm, perfect for picnic and soap felting!

  2. So glad to hear your outdoor craft party was a success. Yay for beautiful weather. I hope to have one here in Minneapolis next year.