Rowen & Wren: Shops that inspire

I am not sure how I came across this shop, I guess it must have been one of those surfing (the internet) days or possibly one of their photos on Pinterest, either way they have been bookmarked for a month or so.  I go back to their website every once in a while just to get a little inspiration.  With collections such as Distant Home, Refined Rural and Timeless Living it's no wonder I keep coming back.  I love their collection of soft colors and simple products but what really stands out in my mind is their sensational product styling. Take this photo (below) for example.  The soft monochromatic color scheme and natural objects appeals to my senses and just says "casual home" to me.  I could see these organic pieces of ceramic fruit in any room of my home. 

This next photo (below) makes me want to redo my entire house in this color scheme. Soft, simple with a little color and a lot of texture.

Finally, these hand decorated tiles (above) are stunning.  I love their pop of modern colors mixed with subtly retro patterns. They also show depth of product in this shop.  All in all this shop is unique, modern and natural and that is why I keep coming back.  Check them out for yourself at Rowen & Wren.

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  1. Love these subtle colors ... so pretty and soothing!

    ♥ Cat brideblu