Nature inspired pillows: Products you may see in the showroom

I have been thinking a lot about pillows lately because they are a great way to add personality to a room without spending a lot of money.   In many of my rooms the pillows define the space.  They add color, texture and shape to an otherwise neutral background.  I also change my pillows per season adding more texture in the fall and winter when I am feeling a little extra warmth is needed.  I soften up the texture and color in the spring and summer giving the space a more casual and airy tone. 
These amazing pillows pictured below are all hand printed and are full of personality.  Please visit the links below the pictures to see more styles and design form each artist. 

Image via helkatdesign

Image via Rustic Country Crafts

Image via Art Goodies

Image via Peris and Corr

Image via Button Grass

Image via Robin and Mould

Image via Erin Flett

Here is your chance to shape the showroom
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