Holiday Season ALREADY

Time flies when you are having fun.  Yes friends, that is exactly what I am doing, fun with friends, family and befriending some talented handmade artists and artisans locally, nationally and internationally.  My lack of posts is not due to lack of ideas.  In fact it is completely the opposite.  I have so many ideas written, pinned, saved and swirling around in this little head of mine it is difficult to keep from blogging about them.  But, I must wait...  until the official launch of  the Wind and Willow Home shop.
It is coming! When the days start getting longer and Spring is on our minds.  For now, please feel free to check out the Twin Cities Design Collective where I will be writing about fantastic local (Minnesota) talent.  You can also follow me on Pinterest where you can get a sneak peak into some the things you may see at Wind and Willow Home. Oh, and Make Sure you are a friend on Facebook for the newest updates!

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