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I would describe my Dad as a common sense kind of man and my Mom, she is a follow your dreams kind of gal.  Both, important traits that have had great impact on me throughout my life but their mutual love and respect for nature is the singular trait that, with times are hard or I have a down day, a bit of natures inspiration always takes me to my  "cozy place".

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Growing up in Northern Minnesota near the shores of Lake Superior, my parents taught me to enjoy, explore and revel in natures beauty.   Most of my childhood memories revolve around the outdoors:  making lean-to forts with my siblings, walking through the fall leaves during hunting season,  jumping off the dock on a warm summer day.  Not only was it the activities, but it was the warm sunshine on my face, how the wind blew the leave as if to make them glitter and the way the water separated into tiny droplets only to join as a singular mass once again that I can still envision.
During my teenage years I lived in Alaska for 3 month working at a secluded resort.  This experience changed the way I looked at the world.  It opened up my mind,  not only was natures beauty just out my back door but it was everywhere.  This really wet my appetite for exploration. 
Some of the most important days of my life took place in the great outdoors:  My now husband and best friend, asked me to marry him near the Split Rock Lighthouse, we were married in Duluth near Lake Superior and have culminated friendships camping in the norther woods. 

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After over 12 years living in the city (Minneapolis)  where I have been working as a Kitchen and Bathroom designer, it has come to be that my love and respect for natures beauty can no longer stay out of my everyday life.  I need this "warm blanket" more than ever and it has come to be that a mix of hand made and lot of natures inspiration will soon become my daily adventure,Wind and Willow Home

Now you know a little bit about me, I want to know what traits your parents passed along to you?

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