Valentines Day

A couple days before Valentines day and my sweetie already brought me flowers.  Upon giving them to me he said, "I have been late, I have been on time but never here". Aren't they lovely (see pics. below)?  Yay, for him (and me).  These little unexpected surprises are one of the may reasons I love him more each year.   

I also decided to get in the Valentines day spirit a little early.  I have been wanting to make these delicious little meringues since I had something similar at a family Christmas celebration. These sweet and light treats are wonderful and a perfect healthier alternative to all the typical VTD candy.  I found the recipe in the Bon Appetite magazine here.  Instead of the mint extract I used raspberry for a more traditional VTD taste.
They were extremely easy, don't they look dreamy?!

Photos by Araya Jensen

A wonderful start to the week ahead, don't you think?  Any special plans for Valentines Day?

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