Spring Refreshing: Living Room

With the first signs of Spring I always get the bug to start refreshing my house.  I think this is typical for a lot of us once the holiday decorations come down and everything starts to look so bare and uninspiring.  Each change of season I like to make a few small changes, all of which are budget friendly and add a lot of punch.  Today, I will start with the Living Room.  In the Spring it is important to fill this space with lots of color and a little bit of life.

1.  Add a little life. I always bring in extra potted plants.  With their wonderful green leaves and colored blooms they are great for any room.  I also love to put them in unique baskets and pots to add extra texture and style.  They work wonders on a windowsill, atop a stack of books on a buffet or even a large plant next to a sofa.

Succulent Sundae
2.  Bring on the prints.  I love rotating art prints. Often using the same frames but bringing in color and life with an uplifting saying or brightly colored piece of art is so refreshing.  An 8'x10" art print usually runs around $20 and at that price it is an amazing way to add personality to a space.

Good Morning Print
Live Love Print

Holding Carefully Print
Bird on a Bloom Print

3.  Lighten up.  Out with the heavy cable knit, fleece and heavy wool throws and lighten up your space with some airy throw blankets.  Spring is known for cool evening breezes and there is no better way to keep from getting the chills with a light cover up.  Not only are they functional, with a variety of colors and patterns they are great for refreshing any space.

In the Blue Throw/Blanket
Natural Bluebell Throw/Blanket
Natural Almond Thrown/Blanket

Do you have a favorite way to refresh your space for Spring?

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