Irresistible Valentines DIY

Hey Friends, I promised to be more regular here and give you insights into Wind & Willow Home's daily life which includes lots of craft and home projects.  I am excited to share some super fun Spring and Summer house updates but for now, I am thinkin' Valentines day.
Last year I made my honey some Bacon Roses which he loved.  This year I am going a little more sweet as I am joining in on the Craft Your Valentines Day Contest over at Airheads Candy.  I LOVE challenges, nothin' gets my creative juices flowing like a craft challenge.

First off, I must say, I have grown up with Airheads.  I can remember spending my last quarters at the school store on these deliciously chewy candies.  So, this challenge seemed irresistible.

What you need:
A couple packages of Airheads Candy.
Some small bamboo skewers
A knife for cutting
Vase for display

1. Unwrap those flavorful treats (mmmmm, don't they smell good) If you at them all by now, I can't blame you.

2. Figure out what kinds of flowers you want to make.  Here are some ideas (you can get really fancy but I kept this project at about 20 min).
3.  Start molding. In most cases (except the roses) there will be 2 parts, center (stamen) and outside (petals).

4.  Wrap the center part (stamen) around the skewer.  Mold enough so it sticks.
5.  Mold the outside (petals) to the skewer so it stays.

 *TIP: you can mix two colors together to get a fun swirl pattern. (twist to colors together, mush until soft and mold back out flat)

6.  I made some leaves on separate skewers
7.  Arrange in a simple vase

8.  Present to your loved one.

 Do you have a favorite Valentines DIY?

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