How Wind & Willow Home Came to BE

It's day 2 of our week long 1st Birthday celebration and I hope you are having a great time.  Have you pinned you favorite item from the shop to be entered into the running to win that very item?  If not, here is a link to the details.                                          .
Over the past year I have been asked multiple times in interviews and in person, "How did Wind & Willow Home come to be?"  The answer, in some form has been, "It seems that fate forced me into it."  Well, in a fun, whimsical, hindsight way that is what happened but there was a lot of thought, anxiety and research that went into the decision.  Today I have put together a little infographic (because they are much more fun than just telling you) to show you some of my thoughts into reaching the decision to open Wind & Willow Home.

It looks simple here, maybe I should put all of my tough decisions into infographics...or not.
By the way, CONGRATULATIONS to JESS who Pinned and won our Ice and Grey Crossed 7" Wood Bowl from our website.  If you didn't win, keep pinning, you can enter once per day and you still have one more chance to win your favorite Wind & Willow Home item and a chance at the Grand Prize (to be announced Friday)!

Jess, Please contact me at to claim your prize.

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