Into the Woods

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota close to the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Most of my childhood was spent outdoors in the woods and water.  Like may of us from generations past (not that many though), building forts, climbing trees and mud pies were mainstay activities when in search of something to do.  These activities are something that I feel made me the nature loving person I am today and my husband and I want to be sure to instil this in our kids (especially since we live in the city).
This past weekend we spend the day in my husband's old stomping grounds on a mission to plant hundreds of White Pine trees on his families land (you can check out more about White Pine Reforestation here).  While he did most of the work, the kids and I discovered some of the beauty that nature has to offer in the Springtime in Minnesota.

 And of course, with all that fresh air, we all slept really well that night :)

The Family

Tamarack Tree

Trees, Pond, Sunset

Moss Tree
Moss on fence post

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