Lantern Light Fixture: Make it yourself Monday

Today I am excited to share this fun lighting project.  I found this great lantern/candle holder at Home Goods on clearance.  I loved it's lines, texture and the modern yet rustic appeal.   I was in the process of changing light bulbs in our kitchen fixture which triggered the idea that this piece would make a fantastic light fixture.  I figured the decorative holes would make dramatic shadows and it was the perfect size for my 8 ft. ceiling.  I immediately went to my local home improvement store to figure out how to wire it.  I was thrilled when I met up with a fantastic sales person who was not only helpful but also a licensed electrician.  To my surprise he was excited about my  light fixture challenge.  To my delight he was also willing to get all the parts, drill the holes and wire it for me on the spot.  Twenty minutes later I had a new, one of a kind, flush mount light fixture-ready to install.  It turned out so fantastic I decided to install it in my entryway so it is the first thing you see when you enter the house. 

Before-lantern/candle holder

Inside light fixture/view of socket
Exterior wiring
Finished product
Oh how it glows
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