Chicken Coops, new back yard architecture

With the green movement and food prices on the rise, urban farming has been growing.  According to Back Yard, the following is a list of why raising chickens has been steadily increasing. 
1.  Chickens are Easy and inexpensive to maintain (when compared to most other pets) 
2.  They produce eggs that are fresh, great-tasting & nutritious
3.  Chemical-free bug and weed control
4.  Manufacture the worlds best fertilizer
5.  Fun & friendly pets with personality (yes, you read that right)

What better excuse to build a beautiful, miniature piece of architecture in your own back yard.  If you were a chicken where would you live?  Would you call a modern sphere home?  How about a Gothic tower or a country cottage?  Would you build your nest in a retro inspired space or something reminiscent of  more tropical terrain.  No matter what your style these coops are sure to please you and your feathered friends. 

Image via Nogg

Image via Lord Marmalade
Image via Treehugger

Image via Life of an Architect

Image via Carolina Coops

Image via Back Yard Chickens

Image via Rainier Valley Post

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