Butterflies on my Mind: Products you may see in the shop

I have had butterflies on my mind all Summer.  This year was a Summer filled with deconstruction at my house.  My husband and I had to remove all trees, weeds and overgrow bushes from our previously neglected yard.   As I look forward to my vision of what it will become I imagine a garden full of blooming flowers with butterflies feasting on them.  I have been doing research of which plants attract butterflies in hopes that next year I will be able to start fresh with flowers like the Purple Coneflower, Garden Phlox and the Comom Milkweed. So until then here is a collection of beautiful butterfly products for inspiration.

Image via My Selvaged Life

Image via Sabiesabi

Image via SiboDesigns

Image via Anthropologie

Image via Sugar Robot

Image via Commercial Wallcovering.com
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