From a Different Perspecitve: 30 day Instagram Challenge

Hi Friends!  What a wonderful weekend I had.  If you have been following for a while you will know that Summer is by far my favorite season of the year (the others don't even come close)  and the first week of Summer is the best week of the year.  Why you ask (you did ask, right?).  For one, the days are the longest this week, I truly love waking up and going to bed with the sun.  Also, my birthday is this week, lets celebrate. 

Image via Mary Jo Hoffman of

This year I did celebrate my birthday with some amazingly talented ladies at Girl Crush.  I was able to sit down with 13 other talented gals at the SOO Visual Arts Center (which is a must check out in MPLS).  Leading the group was Danielle Krysa or maybe you know her better as The Jealous Curator a multi-talented blogger/artist along with Jennifer Davis who is at the top of my list of Artists and is even more amazing in person.  We discussed our hopes and fears, successes and road blocks as artists and how to succeed through the process.  I went into this thinking it was going to be fun to hang out with some cool gals but I came out with so much positive creative energy.  I really want to keep this energy going so I am putting myself to a challenge (well a mini challenge). 

I am challenging myself to look at my life from a new perspective and I am documenting it with Instagram.  If you would like to join me here is my plan. 

1.  Look a little closer or maybe further away.  From the bottom or the top, anything goes. Just look at your surrounding a little different that you are used to.
2.  Take a great picture of this new perspective.
3.  Take a second picture of the item, you would usually see it. 
4.  Tag the first pic. #newperspective.
5.  Tag the second pic. #usualperspecive.
Make sure to tweet your pictures too.

#newperspecive #1

#usualperspecive #1

Sounds fun, right!

A special thanks to Lindsay Nohl of Paper Bicycle (who I met at Girl Crush) for giving me the inspiration to try a creative challenge.  You can check out her 101 Florals Challenge here.

*You can find me at windwillowhome on Instagram. and the same name on Twitter.


  1. I came over to your blog from your beautiful shop. Quite a few things from your shop, now on my wishlist. :) I was just wondering if you knew any information about the art in the top shot? Specifically the larger one in the center? Thanks so much for any leads and all the best! So happy to have found you and your shop!

    1. Melissa,
      I just realized you commented on this post. Sorry for the EXTREME delay in response. The art in the top picture was from all of us gals at Girl Crush Minneapolis. The large one in the middle is a quick sketch that Jennifer Davis did. She is a fantastic artist and you can find her at