So Little Time

These last few weeks have been just crazy.  The shop is getting busy and so are my kids.  Summer is here and they have lots of energy!  In my last post I had hoped to be able to post a little about our weekend travels but time just keeps getting away from me.  I haven't been posting as much as I would like here and it looks like that is going to be the story for a while but I will do my best to keep you up to date. 
If you missed it, I am now adding Kitchen and Bathroom Design services under the Wind & Willow Home name.  Of course I have been a Kitchen and Bath Designer for over 10 years and it looks like thing are picking up.  I have been getting quite a few requests and it would be impossible to cut design out of my life.  I am quite excited about it but... so little time. 
Anyways, you can still follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instigram (windwillowhome) to see my daily happenings.  You can also sign up for my newsletter which will keep you up to date on the big stuff seasonally (4 times per year) Otherwise, I am afraid I may only be popping in here a few times a month. So for now, here are a few photos of the past few weeks.  Enjoy!



Dixie the Donkey

Mixin'- New colors coming Sept.

OH and HAPPY SUMMER.  The most wonderful time of the year :)

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