YOU Are The Best

Yep, I'm talkin' to YOU.  My customers, repeat customers and those of you who have been taking about Wind & Willow Home to your friends and then they share with their friends...
Whew, this week has been so Rad and it's because I have been able to share this most special 1st Birthday celebration with all of my virtual friends.  Now, don't get me wrong, if for some reason I win the Powerball or Oprah wants to buy my company for a billion dollars I would have a real b-day party and fly you all to Minnesota but in reality you have made this the best week long celebration a girl and her little company could ask for.  I hope you have had fun.  From me to you...

Oh yeah, and the grand prize is........

This bowl is so awesome, I really want to keep it for myself but it is going home with one of YOU.

 This bowl is huge,  15" diameter made of Solid beech wood and adorned with pink tinsel glitter imbedded in a soft clear rubber (it is truly one of my favorite bowl that I have ever made) retail price $125.  Perfect for the Kitchen, Bedroom, Livingroom or anywhere you need a little extra sparkle.


If you have already pinned your favorite item from Wind & Willow Home or become a new friend on Facebook, Twitter or signed up for our Newsletter (and let us know about it in the comments) you are already entered to win.  If not, find out how to enter here.  I have extended the contest through the weekend (you have until 11:59 pm Sunday CST) since I have been getting lots of curiosity about the Grand Prize.

 I will announce the grand prize winner right HERE Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, that is beautiful!

    Can I just disagree and say that YOU are in fact the best;) You make the prettiest things and do the best giveaways<3

  2. This is the most beautiful bowl!! I think you've absolutely outdone yourself (: Thanks for a fun week of surprises!!