Spring Planting

Even though it may not look or feel like it outside, it won't be long and we will be spending a lot of time outdoors, immersing our hands in the warm soil in hopes of having a bountiful garden this Summer.  Growing up with fresh veggies from the garden I haven't forgotten the fact that the taste and nutrients are so much better straight from the garden (have you ever tasted a cucumber straight from the garden? Mmmmm, no comparison to the store) and this is the year we get to share that unforgettable joy with our little ones.
Spring planting has begun in the Jensen household, indoor of course and I am getting Avery and Q involved in the incredible and educational planting process.  Our plans of colorful bell peppers, unique heirloom tomatoes and sweet peas straight off the vine are in full swing...now if the snow would just melt. 

We started our seeds in recycled egg cartons that we have been saving.

I purchased some soil formulated specifically for starting seeds.  It says it helps with root growth.  I guess we will see how it works.

After following the planting instructions on the seed packages we gently watered each seed with  little droppers to be sure to not disturb the seeds too much when watering.

Finally, our seeds are planted and will be stored in a warm spot (on the top of our refrigerator) out of the sun until we start to see green popping out of the soil.

This is my first year starting seeds indoors.  Do you have any tips?


  1. Oh, I wish we had a garden! I will definitely try to do some indoor gardening in my new place, but of course that won't lead to the massive zucchinis we used to have.

    I hope your seeds will grow to be amazing vegetables!

  2. Blue Eyed Night Owl-I have missed having a garden for the last 5 years and am so exited to finally do it again. I forgot about how much work it is, though. Oooo, I have not tried zucchinis yet, forgot about those, mmmm.
    Thanks, crossing my fingers that the weather starts getting warmer.