A Recap: All that was good in 2013, Onward to 2014

Guess what?  It's a new blog post!  Almost forgot how to do these things.  I guess I am due for a quick recap of 2013, which was another unbelievable year filled with excitement, opportunities and success.  It was our best year yet.

And... my Martha Stewart American Made video debut here.

And last but def. not least, I would like to introduce you to the growing Wind and Willow Home team.  I have mentioned my amazing husband, Jordan here a time or two but as my company grows his contribution has also grown from #1 Fan to #1 Sanity Support and now he is doing what he does best, getting me ready to take on new business as my Head of Organizational Operations.

In December, the very talented Brittany White brought her bubbly personality, passion for handmade goods and her head for graphic design as she takes on the role as Head of Care and Creative. Without her help in the shipping department this Holiday Season, it is likely that I would have crawled into a  den and never come out...at least until Spring. 

Now, onward to 2014. A new year means new plans, goals and of course resolutions.  There is a lot of news coming up in the first quarter of 2014 in terms of new designs, colors and our 2 year birthday so stay tuned.

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